Sky Hero

Kokonut Studio (Proprietary)

Sky Hero is a runner-type game for devices running on iOS. In this game, players take control of John, a soldier who is in the midst of escaping a sneak attack. John jumps from his fortress and must avoid adversaries such as cannons and barrels by dodging from left to right as he falls down to the ground. Dodging is done by tilting and touching the iOS device. Players must also be careful to avoid a flame monster who is chasing John during his descent.

On the way down, players can also collect coins and power-ups. These power-ups include a speed-up boost which makes John fall faster, a magnet to pull the coins to John, and shields to protect John from enemy fire. The farther John travels down, the closer players get to complete missions and increase their points through the game’s multiplier system. The collected coins can be redeemed for extra lives, costumes, and special missions.

Sky Hero makes use of the player’s location to change the-in game weather and environment, so that the game will play depending on where the player is and the time of the day. For instance, if it is raining where the player is, it will also be raining when John takes the plunge. The game supports seven types of weather, including snow.