Sky Aces

IncaGold (Proprietary)

Sky Aces is an arcade game focused on action combat sequences that simulate World War I inspired flights. Developed to carry the three dimensional game format, players can choose from different types of aircrafts, some of which require unlocking levels to access. When a particular aircraft has been chosen, the player will then be placed on the front lines of enemy combat with the primary goal being the elimination of enemy combatants whilst in the air.

When it comes to Sky Aces, the object of the game is not only to eliminate combatants but to also take charge of a full squadron. There are different objectives throughout the game, all of which have to be accomplished to emerge victorious. Gunning down enemy planes and soldiers is the easy part. The game also involved strategy planning and ground combat action. Different tasks like destroying depots, serving as flying escorts, and other World War I related scenarios have been scattered across the different levels.

Aside from completing all designated objectives, players must get back home safely. In the Sky Aces game, there are 2 campaigns to choose from and a total of 52 missions to complete. Apart from this, players can also choose from over 20 simulated World War I aircrafts to play the game in.