Skip-Bo - Castaway Caper 1.0

WildTangent, Inc. (Shareware)

Skip-Bo Castaway Caper is computer game that features the traditional card game, Skip Bo, which is said to resemble another card game known as Spite and Malice, in terms of its gaming mechanics and technicalities. Aside from the main gameplay, Skip-Bo Castaway Caper also comes with a unique storyline that centers on the adventures of a castaway. Players will automatically act as the castaway, who, for some reason, landed on a quite distant and isolated island. The island is inhabited by a bizarre community of people who try as much as possible to please the powerful volcano in the island, preventing it from erupting and wreaking havoc in the entire place. Nonetheless, because of the unwanted appearance of the castaway, the volcano becomes agitated and hostile, only to recede once it is pleased with the performance of the vagabond.

The storyline continues with the inhabitants teaching the wanderer how to play Skip-Bo. After which the real game begins with the player embarking on level-by-level mission of winning the volcano's favorite game, Skip-Bo. Accomplishing the game will restore the peaceful and tranquil condition of the island. Nevertheless, aside from the main game mode, there are a variety of mini-games included in the game. The different mini-games will unlock certain features and items that can help hamper the eruption of the volcano. Finally, to give clear instructions to first-time players of the game, Skip-Bo castaway Caper comes with a step-by-step tutorial on the gaming mechanics of Skip-Bo.