SkimSoft (Shareware)

SkimEdit is a simple application that is used for writing down notes or editing text. It can be a substitute for the Notepad program from Windows. It has a simple user interface with menus and buttons located at the top portion of the window. With this program, users are able to edit large files that reach up to 2 Gb in size. Users can also highlight text as well as access URLs just by clicking them on the text area. After editing text, it can be sent as an email directly from the application’s main interface.

Under the Format menu, users can choose to convert ANSI to OEM and vice versa. Other formats that can be changed include the font, background color of the text, HTML color, and the selection for conversion. Other features of this application include the following:

• Simple and easy to use for both novice computer users and advanced computer users
• Users can toggle word wrap so text will fit within the application’s window
• Users can choose to go to a line number, which is useful for long texts and large files
• Support for searching a phrase or word within the text open in the window
• Application remembers the window’s position on the screen for the next time it is launched