Aurelain (Freeware)

The Skillwheel is a guide for the skill system in the fantasy strategy game Heroes of Might and Magic V. The game presents plenty of skills and power-ups that users can create in order to level up characters. With a lot of skills and abilities that can be acquired in the game, users need a guide on how to achieve a certain skill. The Skillwheel presents all the skills (from basic to advanced) that can be reached for each character.

On the top portion of the wheel, a drop down list of characters is presented. Users can choose from the list to view the available skills for that specific character. The characters included are Barbarian, Demon Lord, Wizard, Warlock, Runemage, Knight, Necromancer, and Ranger. When a character is selected, the box next to the drop down menu shows the different names available. A generic character can be selected, too. The Skillwheel also shows the unique skills of each character and objects needed to level up.

The Skillwheel is available in different languages and can be used both online and offline. A modification can also be downloaded so that the Skillwheel can be used even when playing Heroes of Might and Magic V.