SkiFree 1.01

Chris Pirih (Proprietary)

SkiFree is a game which was released in 1991 where the player skis down a slope and avoids obstacles. Skiing is a recreational and competitive sport played in snowy parts of the world where players attach skis onto their shoes and then travel down on snow. There are essentially two (2) types of Skiing: Alpine and Nordic. The main difference between these two (2) types of skiing is the attachment of the fixed-heel bindings. On Alpine skiing, the fixed heel bindings are attached at both the toe and the heel of the skier’s boot, while in Nordic skiing, the attachment is only on the toes and not found on the heels.

At the start of SkiFree games, the player is given four choices in which to enter. He can enter the freestyle course where the main objective is to collect “style” points which are obtained in doing flips and other tricks. He can choose to enter into the game’s Slalom course with the goal of completing the course at the least possible time. He can choose to enter the Tree Slalom course, which has the same objective as the Slalom course, but with added obstacles and levels of difficulty. Lastly, he can choose not to enter any course and just ski.