Skies of War

I Sioux B.V. (Shareware)

Skies of War by I Sioux B.V. is an action computer game that requires the player to strategize in order to defeat the enemy. The main challenge for the player is to prove one’s mettle as a pilot who will not disappoint the battalion in battle. Skies of War players can choose the aircraft to pilot and customize the craft.

Skies of War by I Sioux B.V. is a video game that requires players to demonstrate their skill and courage as a member of a rebel army that takes to the skies to battle the enemy in a virtual war that has been going on for close to three decades.  

The main mission given to Skies of War players is to reclaim the honor and freedom of their country from tyrants ruling it. This is essentially a strategy game that requires high level of piloting skills from the player to gain high scores. The enemies facing players of Skies of War come from the air and the ground.

In Skies of War the player has to follow orders from higher ranking officials. The missions are all part of a larger battle strategy. As a player advances in the game the missions presented become harder to complete. There are a total of 10 game levels. The players who triumph over the obstacles presented can serve as the icon for the whole battalion.