SketchUp Viewer

Trimble Navigation Limited (Freeware)

SketchUp Viewer is an application that is used to view and print models that have been created in SketchUp, a 3D designing program. This standalone application allows non-SketchUp users such as clients to review the 3D designs without having to install the main application. With this utility, the designs may be sent via email or uploaded online to a shared location and viewed easily, without using up a lot of system resources that are usually required when installing a program. The application is a simple viewer, with none of the buttons and commands that may be confusing for non-SketchUp users. Because it is a straight-up viewer without editing tools, this application also prevents other people from altering designs whether intentionally or by accident.

The program interface of the viewer is similar to that of the application SketchUp Pro, but instead of commands for editing, it has basic navigation tools. The interface is made up of a simple window with a menu bar; on the left side is a navigation toolbar which contains tools for zooming, tilting, and rotating images.

The SketchUp Viewer may be installed as a standalone application or saved together with the SketchUp model as a self-executable file. The EXE file will contain the design data and the viewer so there is no need to install the application anymore.