SJphone 1.65 1.65.377a

SJ Labs (Shareware)

Developed by SJ Labs SJphone is an application that allows users to make phone calls over the Local Area Network or the Internet. This type of program is what is otherwise called as a “softphone”. It uses VOIP or Voice over Internet Protocol technology to allow its users to make calls to any softphone that may be running on another PC, a mobile device, a phone provided by an ITSP or Internet Telephony Service provider, traditional IP phones, and any traditional wired or mobile phone. The program supports the standard SIP and is inter-operable with many major ITSPs and VOIP providers.

The program’s interface is fairly straightforward. Users that are familiar with instant messaging programs will find the interface familiar and easy to use. A contact list is displayed in the main window where the users will then select which one of these they wish to call. There is a call registry for both incoming and outgoing calls. The program supports TCP, and TLS tunneling. Concealed caller ID is also made available to the user as an option. The program also supports H.323 compatibility. This gives users the ability to call any H.323 compatible softphones and stand-alone phones. The program also includes an instant messaging client.

Other basic phone features are also available such as
• Calling via host name or IP address
• Contact storage, call logs and speed dialing
• Ability to import MS Outlook and Opera contacts
• Basic call transfer, mute and hold functions
• A “Do-not-disturb” mode