SixaxisPairTool 0.2.3

Dancing Pixel Studios (Freeware)

SixaxisPair Tool is an application that enables users to connect Playstation controllers and Sixaxis with different mobile gadgets and tablets via Bluetooth. This application supports android devices that are running using the Windows operating system. Users should secure device pairing to connect the controllers with the mobile device used.

Installing the software is easy and will only take few steps. Upon opening the program, if the user receives an error message about “missing required protocol”,  the mobile device is not compatible. Running the installer will only take few minutes to finish. If the controller did not connect automatically, the user should manually pair the device by using SixaxisPair Tool. Once connected, the address of the device will appear on the lower corner of the program window. Numbers and letters codes will be displayed which will serve as the security code in pairing gadgets for the first time.

The application is a freeware, which means users are entitled to use the program without paying or without installing trial versions. The developer is not liable for any program or information that is being downloaded in the main website. It is not guaranteed that the programs in the main website are virus free.