Crawler, LLC (Proprietary)

SiteRanker is a program developed by Crawler LLC and was released in 2011. This program enables users to view the ratings and reviews of various websites while browsing. This program also enables users to post their own ratings and reviews of websites, which can help other users find very useful websites and stay away from dangerous websites that could harm a user’s computer. SiteRanker is designed to be used by website reviewers and other users who constantly look for specialized websites such as e-commerce websites, food blogs, travel websites, photography websites, and many more.

SiteRanker provides its website ratings by collecting information from ratings provided by the programs users. This program also provides the “Traffic Rank” of a website based on the calculated amount of users plus the amount of original page views. Original page views refer to instances in which a particular webpage is first encountered by the user. SiteRanker displays the page view statistics of a particular website along with its Traffic Rank. Page views are displayed as the average amount of original views in a certain time period (daily, weekly, every three months). SiteRanker allows users to submit a narrative review of a particular website and rank them using a 5-star system. Users can make a website review by typing the website name or URL on the program’s search bar then clicking on “Add your Review” on the website’s information area. Users can also select a rating by means of a drop down list on the review page.