PROVISIO Corp. (Shareware)

SiteKiosk is an Internet security tool developed by PROVISIO Corp. for transforming a computer into a secured multi-language terminal that can access the Internet. It can be used for any public access Internet terminal. This tool allows the users to secure their operating system and computer files while accessing the Internet.

SiteKiosk provides users with on-demand Internet access that can be used with a dial-up network or a direct network connection. It has an intuitive interface that includes an online help feature for guiding the users. It provides multiple window support for normal screen display as well as touchscreen devices. For normal display device like computers, text can be inputted by using only a touchpad or mouse. This application can be used with presentations and for handling libraries.

SiteKiosk has several features, including shell replacement and hard disk protection. It protects the system against hacking and unauthorized access, and protects the computer terminals from harmful scripts and viruses like Trojans. Users can schedule an automatic system restart or shutdown by setting a date and time for this event. This application only allows accessing of authorized applications or programs selected by the administrator. This means that the administrators can choose which websites can be accessed and which are forbidden.