SiSoftware Sandra 22.12

SiSoftware (Freeware)

SiSoftware Sandra is a diagnostic, troubleshooting, and information tool for Windows computer systems. The information it provides has a wide coverage. This program offers users current information such as details on hardware devices and relevant software. This utility is capable of providing in-depth explanations of what is going on inside the workings of a computer system. As such, this tool gives users many opportunities to make comparisons, conduct analyses, and eventually resolve issues.

SiSoftware Sandra is capable of running tests to determine whether all the components of a computer system are optimal and efficient. This may be used by anyone, even people without advanced computer training, to test the efficacy of a newly-purchased personal computer. There are four existing versions, namely the free version, Engineer, Pro Business, and Pro Home.

SANDRA stands for System Analyzer, Diagnostic and Reporting Assistant. SiSoftware Sandra is designed such that it works in harmony with Windows utilities and provides information on the following: the database, central processing unit, sound card, network, memory, and video adapter, amongst others. The tool is designed to analyze all the components of the computer system which then leads to prompt and accurate problem identification. SiSoftware Sandra is compatible with Windows 8.