Sippoint 3.1.1

Sippoint (Proprietary)

Sippoint is communication software created by Sippoint. It allows users to make video calls and send instant text messages to other Sippoint account holders. Sippoint also allows users to record telephone conversations and save them to a local file or on an online storage option. This software also features cloud storage of call history. Sippoint also allows user files transfers between account holders.  

Sippoint supports online communication to local SIPnet support including third party support to other communications networks like Google Talk, Yandex, QIP, and Jabber. This program supports voice calls to SIPnet users. Users can also make voice calls to a landline number or a mobile number in any part of the world. Sippoint also features Skype call support. Not only voice calls, Sippoint also supports video calls on both the local networks, as well as third party networks. However, video conferencing and audio conferencing is yet to be supported.

Sippoint user interface features three tabs—Contacts, Dial, and Call History. Contacts tab features the contacts divided into lists. Groups may be in Open Chat, Online, or Offline. Sippoint Dial tab is where users can dial the number of the local number or mobile number they intend to contact. History Tab contains the recent calls and numbers. However, Chat history is not recorded. Sippoint also supports emoticons, however, not the animated ones.