Raven Software (Shareware)

Singularity is a first-person shooter game program created by Raven Software and published by Activision. The game was first released on June 25, 2010. Like most first-person shooter video games, Singularity has both single player and multiplayer modes. The game focuses on Captain Nathaniel Renko who tries to uncover the truth behind the electromagnetic surge that hit the American spy satellite. While investigating, Captain Renko began phasing between the present day and year 1955. This is where the story unfolds and the main characters of the story start to show up.

Singularity features survival-horror elements. The game’s main device is the artifact called TMD, or Time Manipulation Device. This is an E-99 powered device that has the ability to manipulate time. It can also move objects forward or backward in time. TMD can also send energy pulse that can kill/stun enemies or attract objects and hold it in for an indefinite period. Living creatures and objects affected by E-99 are the only ones affected by TMD. The device can also be used with other special power stations that are found throughout the island.

The game’s multiplayer mode has two sub-modes. In both sub-modes, players have to fight as either creatures or soldiers. Both of them have their own set of abilities and classes. The first sub-mode is the Creatures vs. Soldiers mode. This is a team deathmatch game. The other sub-mode is the Extermination. The goal of Extermination is for soldiers to control different beacons on the map while the creatures are assigned to defend these beacons.