Sims 3

Electronic Arts, Inc. (Shareware)

Sims 3 is a life simulation game that was released in 2009. It is the third base game in The Sims series of games. In the game, the Sims’ activities and relationships are controlled by the players. The main difference of Sims 3 from other Sims games is the neighborhood. Sims 3 has a continuous neighborhood where players can go to buildings, visit neighbors, and spent time at community lots.

Sims 3 now has ‘Wishes’. This feature was formerly known as ‘Wants and Fears’ in the previous Sims game. Wishes are small tasks that the user can do to get lifetime happiness points. Some wishes include going to the park, getting promoted, learning an instrument, or cooking a certain dish. Lifetime happiness points can be spent on special items available in the game. A Sim has seven life stages (from baby to elder). The in-game days spent for each life stage can be set on the options menu. Sims can die from old age, or they can also die from accidents and other events (electrocution, drowning, starving, etc).

The Create-a-Sim editor now has more options. There are more body types, hair styles, and clothes. Players can also choose a favorite food, color, and music for their Sims.

Other features of the game are:
• Greater customization
• Create-a-World tool
• Public events in neighborhoods
• More career paths
• Support for The Sims 3 Exchange for sharing custom creations