Sims 3 CAP

Electronic Arts (Freeware)

Sims 3 Create a Pattern or CAP is a tool that allows users to create patterns that can be used in the Create a Style tool in The Sims 3 game. The main window is where users can see all the tools that can be used for creating a unique pattern.

The layer panel is where users can mix and match patterns. There is a slider for zooming in and out. The program supports layers so users can blend patterns together. The layer properties window is where the layers can be managed (brightness, opacity, color, invert, etc). The main window also shows a control panel where the basic tools for creating patterns can be seen. Some of the tools are the hand tool, sledgehammer, pencil tool, etc. The options menu is where users can save and export created patterns.

One of the main features of Sims 3 Create a Pattern is the sticker library. The library consists of several stickers that can be added to the layer panel to create designs. Aside from the built-in stickers, images from the computer’s hard drive can also be added.

Here are the other features of the application:
• Create patterns for The Sims 3 furniture, clothing, wallpaper, and flooring
• Easy to use program for beginners and advanced users
• Preview the patterns in 3D