Simpo PDF to PowerPoint 1.4.3

Simpo Technologies (Shareware)

Simpo PDF to PowerPoint is created by Simpo Technologies to convert pages in PDF format to Power Point presentations. The file is saved in this the form of Powerpoint slides to facilitate updating and editing. The conversion process retains the original text content as well as all the tables and graphs. The layout is preserved as well. There is no need to waste tome formatting anew because this standalone app is fully capable of accomplishing this function.

Simpo PDF to PowerPoint is also capable of batch conversion and can even covert PDF Files that are encrypted. There is no need to install other programs such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Reader in order to accomplish the conversion. The interface is very easy to use since the conversion process stars as soon as the “Convert” icon is clicked after the PDF files to be converted have been added.

Simpo PDF to PowerPoint by Simpo Technologies is an advanced utility that is compatible with the following versions: Microsoft Powerpoint 2010, 2007, and 2003. Simpo PDF to PowerPoint is capable of completing conversions within a few seconds. There are two modes of conversion, namely Whole and Partial. In the first mode, all the pages of the entire PDF file will be converted into PowerPoint slides. In the latter, only chosen PDF pages will undergo the conversion process.