Simpo PDF Converter Ultimate 1.5.2

Simpo Technologie (Shareware)

Simpo PDF Converter Ultimate is an application that converts PDF files to different file formats, such as Powerpoint, Excel, Word, Images, HTML, and Text formats in high-output quality.

PDF to Office conversion may be done easily and in a small amount of time with the batch conversion function. Drag and drop and special characters conversion features are available in the program. When PDF is converted to Powerpoint, every PDF page corresponds to one Powerpoint  slide. Converted PDFs to Powerpoint do not require reformatting for presentation. Bookmarks are preserved when PDF is converted to HTML. In the case of PDF to Word, total content like original formatting, all images, layout, graphs, tables, and hyperlinks are preserved from the initial file. For PDF conversion to Excel, all number data and tables are preserved. Partial method may also be selected in case data tables are the ones to be extracted. PDF to HTML converts PDFs to HTML ebook format. On the other hand, for PDF to Images conversion, PDF images  may be extracted and converted into five of the most utilized images files which are BMP, TIFF, GIF, JPEG, and PNG formats. Lastly, PDF files may be dragged and dropped via the PDF converter to convert them to plain text content and documents.