Simply Fortran 2.9

Approximatrix, LLC (Shareware)

Simply Fortran is a utility that serves as a programming environment for Fortran developers. As an integrated developing environment, it allows users to develop code in Fortran 90 free-format and in fixed-format code as well. This application comes with components that allow users to edit and compile code, and debug programs. With this tool, developers are provided with a modern interface for creating and testing applications using the Fortran programming language.

This application is designed for use in computers running on Microsoft Windows operating systems, and for those platforms that are Windows-compatible, such as WINE. Some of Simply Fortran’s features are as follows:

• Fortran Autocomplete – this feature automatically completes inputs for individual module components, derived types, and other available modules, saving the user time.
• Integrated Debugger – this application comes with debugging facilities (source-level) directly in the IDE, which allows users to examine variables, navigate the call stack, and set breakpoints easily.
• Call Tips – these are provided for the functions and subroutines that have been declared in a project. In addition, this feature displays the documentation for the said procedures.
• Inline Syntax Checks – this feature highlights the errors as well as the compiler warnings within the source code editor. A panel containing the project issues allows users to examine and update the issues as necessary.