VSG (Proprietary)

SimpleTV is a program application that allows users to view all live television broadcast streams on their computers. It has a graphical interface with intuitive controls. The control panel allows users to search for channels. While many channels may be offline for certain hours of the day, the user can see when they are available for viewing. The program also allows the user to schedule a recording at a set time when a television show is broadcast. At the same time, these playlists can be saved and shared with other SimpleTV users.

Nearly everything in SimpleTV is customizable. This means that users can change the default icon to a customized icon of their choice. Users are also provided with options to tweak the program according to their preference, including sound volume, brightness, and contrast. Users can also change the aspect ratio, modify de-interlacing, and crop the video feed. At the same time, viewers can configure channel lists and export them as M3U playlists, which can be loaded into other compatible third-party applications.

Other features include:

• Ability to play video from users’ local folders
• Recording programs at a scheduled time
• Taking still photos of the channel in play