Lenovo (Shareware)

SimpleTap has a very straightforward function. It is intended to enhance computer-mediated interactions. This is a program that combines the most desirable attributes of a PC and a smartphone. This offering from Lenovo offers users with the opportunity to control functions with a mouse click or a two-finger tap. There are non-touchscreen versions available for download.

Essentially, this program from Lenovo works as an application launcher that can be used on ThinkPad tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. With this tool, operations are smooth, clean, and uncluttered. It provides users with an alternate means of accessing hardware controls despite the remoteness of the physical buttons.

These are some of the key features of Simple Tap from Lenovo:
• Offers multiple workspaces
• Provides user-selectable themes
• Allows for addition of tiles for both existing and new programs
• Works well with a variety of navigation devices such as touch-screen gadgets, mouse, trackpoint, keyboard, remote control, touchpad.

This application can be used to launch apps, tools, and specific websites with ease. There are a number of content partner tiles to choose from. It has a tile-based display that is easy and convenient to use. The tiles may be customized based on the user’s preferences. The user can also access brightness, audio, wi-fi connectivity, and other status indicators.