SimpleOCR 3.5

Simple Software (Freeware)

SimpleOCR is a program used for converting paper documents to electronic text files that can be edited. The application comes with a set of tools for editing. Some of the tools are listed below:

• Dictionary – The application has a built-in dictionary that consists of over a hundred thousand words. In cases where words are not supported, the user can add new words to the dictionary to improve it.
• Simplified Error Correction – The program’s text editor highlights errors on the files to make it easier for user’s to proofread.
• Format and Image Retention – The format and images on the document are retained when imported to the program. This includes the font styles and images.
• Plain Text Extraction – In instances where only the text from the document is needed, the Plain Text Extraction feature can be used. This method of extraction only copies the text and ignores the format.
• Despeckle – The Despeckle feature is used for removing the noise in faxes or copies that are not clear. This ensures that the text fed to the program remains accurate.

SimpleOCR supports a variety of formats including text, Word, and HTML. It also works with TWAIN supported scanners and TIFF files.