SimpleDivX 1.40.25

SimpleDivX.Org (Shareware)

SimpleDivX is an application primarily used for converting DVD files into the AVI format. DVD files tend to have large file sizes. These can take up high amounts of hard drive space when stored. When a file is converted to AVI, the file size becomes smaller, allowing more video files to be saved on the computer. Also, the AVI file can be transferred and played on popular handheld devices like the iPhone and iPad. To use the program, the user first loads the video into the interface. This can be done through the file browser menu. After the file is loaded, the user can view the DVD's properties, such as its duration, framerate, and length. Some of the output file's properties can be configured before the conversion process. These properties include the video quality and title. Also, the folder where the output file is saved is also specified. Only after that does the software start the conversion process.

SimpleDivX makes it possible for the user to specify the audio quality and format in the video. The audio can be saved in common audio formats like MP3 and AC3. The audio's bitrate and quality can also be configured. Depending on the video and audio quality, the output file can either have a small or large file size. The relationship between size and quality tends to be that the higher the quality, the larger the file size. When the quality is reduced, the file size also gets smaller.