SimpleDiagrams 2.1.1

Simple Diagrams LLC (Proprietary)

SimpleDiagrams is an application that provides users with the ability to create diagrams for use in Web publishing or for presentations. It helps users easily and quickly capture a process or describe their thoughts visually. It is based on and makes use of Adobe AIR, a Flash-based platform, which allows users to run the program on computers running not only on Mac but on Linux and Windows as well.

This application comes included with ready-made standard shapes and symbols that are organized in libraries that makes them easy to locate. From the libraries, users can easily drag and drop these onto the work area to create their diagrams. This program also contains editing tools that let users write text such as labels and titles, draw lines to connect shapes, resize shapes, align symbols, and manipulate objects as necessary. Photos, sticky notes, and annotations may also be added to diagrams.

Users can select from a variety of background styles, from solid colors to themed backgrounds such as a whiteboard or a chalkboard. Tabbed multi-diagram documents can also be created, so that users will not have to jump from one diagram file to another on a single topic. When finished, users can save their diagrams in PNG, PDF, or XML format. The created diagrams can also be exported to Basecamp and other project management sites.