Spacial Audio Solutions, LLC (Shareware)

SimpleCast, now known as SAM Cast, is an application that enables users to record audio and stream it online to be heard by other Internet users. It does this by capturing the audio being played over the user’s sound card or from the user’s microphone, line-in, or other input device, and encoding this in real-time for streaming online. It is ideal for broadcasting live shows such as interviews, gigs, sporting events, and Internet radio talk shows. This application also has the ability to collect statistical data from the user’s streaming servers to let users know the number of listeners that are tuned in at a given time.

The program interface is simple and easy to navigate. From the main display, users can start broadcasting by clicking the button labeled “Start/Stop” A VU Meter on the right side will move upon starting as long as the user has audio being played, showing that the application is capturing the audio from the computer’s sound card. Users can view the encoders and statistics by clicking on the associated buttons on the main display. The main display also shows the current time and how long the user has been streaming. It also shows the number of current listeners and the peak listening date and time.