Simple Port Forwarding (Freeware)

Simple Port Forwarding is a program that enables users to manage their computer’s port forwarding tasks. Port forwarding or Port Mapping is a process of forwarding a network port from one network node to another using a private IP address. Port Forwarding increases the performance of the user’s Internet connection. Simple Port Forwarding works directly with the user’s web browser and not with the computer’s router. Upon installation, Simple Port Forwarding works almost automatically requiring minimal actions from the part of the user.

Simple Port Forwarding contains a built-in database that includes a large number of games and applications and the ports they use. Users can also add their own custom ports manually by indicating the name, port type (TCP, UDP, or both), start ports, end ports, and the IP Address. Simple Port Forwarding features a simple interface that is divided into two parts. The program window’s upper portion displays the user’s router model, as well as the router IP, username and password, HTTP type, HTTP port, and the number of routers loaded. The next part displays the applications and web pages where ports are forwarded. Users can view the application name, IP address, start port, end port, TCP/UDP, and application description. This section also contains the program’s language settings and controls used to update the user’s router, as well a button that is used to view or remove current ports.