Simple Net Speed 1.4

CCF Developer (Freeware)

Simple Net Speed is a program that helps improve the speed of users’ Internet connections. The program controls bandwidth speed and has a multiplier that multiplies the computer’s current speed. The program is beneficial for users who constantly suffer interruptions when they stream radio stations or watch videos on the Web.

Program interface is simple and users simply have to move the program’s multiplier and speed slider contained in it. The program allows users to navigate through the Web more efficiently and conveniently. Its features include quicker surfing  of the Web and loading of web pages and websites, faster checking of emails, viewing of streaming videos, and listening to online radio stations, improved download and upload sessions, and more. The program supports all broadband connections. It improves the data transfer between one’s computer and the network by changing some default settings in the operating system. Once installed, users only need to input some basic settings, such as their current connection capacity, and then select its speed’s multiplication factor. More advanced users have the option to adjust other settings, with over ten customizable options. They then need to restart their computers and to see results. Spyware is not attached to the program.