Simple CSS 2.1 Web Hosting (Freeware)

Simple CSS is a program that is used for updating the CSS code on elements and pages of a website. With this application, users can edit their page including styles, fonts, colors, and others. Editing is done in order to make a browser load faster. This may also make data transfer faster as well. Additionally, advanced users can also make use of the application in order to create CSS from scratch. It has a point and click interface, which makes it easy to use even for those who have little experience in CSS. The program supports both CSS and CSS2.

When editing CSS files, the user can simply import files to the application. Once a CSS file has been imported all the CSS selectors, including their values and properties, are displayed on the right panel of the main window. Users can create a new style with the variety of styles that are available from the application. With the intuitive graphical user interface, users will be able to edit different elements just by clicking on their respective categories, including text, display, borders, dimension, and source. Almost all of the elements can be chosen from the drop down menu that consists of all the choices available.