SIMPL Windows

Crestron Electronics, Inc. (Freeware)

SIMPL Windows is a programming utility that uses the SIMPL programming language, both of which were developed by Creston Electronics. This utility has a number of other notable features, aside from its basic ability to convert DOS codes and modify programming that uses other computer language standards.

SIMPL (Symbol Intensive Master Programming Language) is the primary medium used in Creston programs, as well as what SIMPL Windows essentially works on and with. The utility comes with the necessary tools required for programming, debugging, configuration, and testing of different types of fully integrated systems. It has a Windows-based graphical user interface, so the learning curve for this program is relatively mild especially for users of that operating system.  The suite provides an intuitive link between Crestron control systems and the different types of hardware to be controlled. The program operates like so:

• The user selects an icon that represents their control system, functions, or equipment.
• The program code is instantly displayed on-screen for viewing and/or modification.

SIMPL Windows is a comprehensive programming application that can handle large and complex programming projects. It is simple to use, making it accessible to novice users. However, its range of features also makes it a capable and practical tool for experienced programmers. The program also has a touch-screen feature for access on compatible devices.