SimPe - Simple Package Editor

Ambertation (Freeware)

SimPe - Simple Package Editor is a tool used for making modifications to different environments, objects, and characters in the game The Sims 2. Aside from modification, this tool also enables users to create new objects and change the characteristics of individual Sims. One of the highlights of this application is its Sim Description Editor, which can be used for modifying any aspect of the user’s Sims, which includes their jobs, fears, relationships, wants, and skills. The description editor also allows users to view all of the fields in the Sim description, so that they can fill in any missing values.

SimPe - Simple Package Editor has a complete set of tools that enables users to create objects and change the appearance of existing ones. The application also comes with different tools and plugins that can be used, including the following:

• ObjectWorkshop – this tool allows users to recolor and clone objects, as well as create new ones.
• Scenegrapher – this plugin assists users in checking for possible object creation and recoloring errors.
• Scan Folder – this tool can assist users in finding faulty package downloads so these can be fixed. It can also be used to change the categories of the user’s skin or clothing files.
• Preview – users can view the different color options available for an object as well as their object creations in 3D.