imfy (Freeware)

Simfy is a download and streaming application that enables users to gain access to music using their Android phone. The application allows users to listen to their favorite music through streaming, or download individual tracks or whole albums for later listening. Users can get access to almost two million songs by means of a subscription to the applications website. Once the subscription has ended, users may still access their downloaded music on a limited basis and would be notified to renew their subscription through the SImfy website. In addition to its function as a download and streaming client, Simfy also has a built in media player that is used to play the user’s downloaded music and organize them into playlists. With Simfy, users may auto play all songs included in the music library, select specific songs and play them as a playlist, or play songs in random shuffle. All music files stored in the application’s music library may be organized into category, genre, artist, or keyword. Furthermore, Simfy allows users to share their music and playlists to their friends who also use Simfy by its connectivity to social networking sites.

Simfy features a stylized user interface powered by Adobe Air. Upon application startup, users would be required to login using their Simfy username and password acquired during subscription. this account information would allow users to access their Simfy player, downloader, and streaming application. Simfy music player appears as a tabbed interface where users may switch between the program’s different features. The center portion of the player displays all the available music that the user has access to. Users may change the view to display items per artist, album, genre, etc. Upon selecting a track, Users may view the track information such as title, length, size, artist, date released, and album cover on the bottom left portion of the screen.