SimCitySocieties Application

Electronic Arts Inc.; Tilted Mill Entertainment, Inc. (Shareware)

SimCity Societies is a city-building simulation game that was first released in 2007. The game allows players to build their own city. There are six values that players must consider when building. These are knowledge, authority, productivity, prosperity, creativity, and spirituality. Players have total control over the construction of buildings in the city. There are several buildings and tools that provide players the opportunity to create themed cities. In addition to creating cities, users can also trigger destructions for the city including meteors, monsters, and earthquakes. The built-in buildings used in the game can also be customized. Players can add decorations to the city, create their own citizens, and make their own rules when playing the game.

SimCity Societies is different from previous SimCity games, since it lessens the complexity when creating a city. Players no longer need to lay down pipes, control zoning areas, and individually fund buildings. Instead, the game focuses more on the city’s state based on the behavior of the citizens living in the city. The citizens’ behavior relies heavily on the buildings that are present in the city. Players also have goals and can receive awards and unlock buildings as they complete them.

SimCity Societies has an online exchange community where players can share their cities and tips with other players of the game.