SimCity Urban Renewal Kit

Maxis Software Inc. (Bundled)

The SimCity Urban Renewal Kit, or SCURK, is a toolset that is bundled with the SimCity 200 Special Edition, a game that was released in 1995. This application provides players of the game with the ability to access a variety of tools that enable them to create and modify tilesets and buildings in SimCity. With this application, players can modify the images used in the game to represent the different buildings. Players can create and edit basic bitmap files using a standard 256-color palette. It also comes with a number of pre-altered graphics. Players can also download edited buildings and other graphics made by other users and shared over the Internet. The cities and buildings made in SCURK can be saved and utilized in SimCity 2000.

There are there main tools in the SimCity Urban Renewal Kit. These are the following:
• Paint the Town – this is a bitmap editor that enables players to change the graphics and alter the appearance of any building in the game. Players can also create new buildings with this tool.
• Pick and Copy – this is a tileset editor that allows players to save tilesets of the buildings generated using the Paint the Town tool. It comes with pre-made custom tilesets created by the developers.
• Place and Print – this tool is considered a sandbox version of the game, in which players can create and build their own city without restrictions. With this tool, players can have access to the buildings and tiles in the game.