SimCity 4

Maxis (Shareware)

SimCity 4 or SC4 is a city-building simulation game that was released in 2003. It is the fourth title in the SimCity series of games. In the game, players assume the role of the city’s mayor. The mayor has goals to fulfill for the city including increasing population, developing lands, and meeting the needs of the Sims who live in the city. There are three game modes available in SimCity 4. These are God mode, Mayor mode, and My Sim mode.

In God mode, players can design lands where a city will be built. The user also has control over disasters that will occur including tornadoes and earthquakes. In Mayor mode, players must build roads, railways, bus stations, and zones where buildings can be erected. The last game mode, My Sim, allows the player to create Sims who will dwell in the city.

SimCity 4 operates with the GlassBox technology. This allows players to manage and balance several cities at once. With this feature, the results of the changes made on the city are seen at once.

Here are more features of SimCity 4:
3D engine for props and objects
Art deco and Romanesque revival architectures
City specialization
Multiplayer mode
Citylog (updates for SimCity friends)