Digital Illusions Software - (Shareware)

SimAQUARIUM is a live wallpaper and screensaver that allows users to have a virtual aquarium on their desktop window. The application comes with a dozen scenes under the water. Users can choose from a wide selection of 30 species of fishes. There are a hundred fishes in the application. The fishes in the program have a realistic behavior, as it is powered with artificial intelligence.

On the program’s main window, users have complete control over the appearance of the aquarium including the behavior of the water (water level, wave, bubbles, and light) and display (full screen, windowed, particles, shadows, sunrays, and others). Species of fish are shown on the left side of the main window. Users can choose which ones to display on the screensaver or wallpaper. More settings can be changed by clicking on the Settings button. Some of them include the enabling or disabling anaglyph stereo 3D, auto camera, and inversion of mouse.

More key features of the SimAQUARIUM program are the following:

• Detailed underwater scenes that are in 3D format
• Has advanced graphical effects, such as complex water surfaces, light caustics, and iridescence of fishes
• Fishes included in the application have complex swimming behavior
• Users can play with fishes by clicking on them with the mouse pointer