Sim Aquarium 3

Digital Illusions (Shareware)

Sim Aquarium 3 is an application that simulates an aquarium on the user’s desktop. There are 12 detailed underwater scenes in 3D to choose from including a coral reef, and users can fill their aquarium with up to a hundred fish of 30 different species, and with other water-dwellers such as clams. Each fish has artificial intelligence and has its own swimming behavior.

Users can also interact or play with their fish by touching them on their noses and tails using the mouse pointer. The fish may stop and look or dart away to hide. Users can also feed the fish even on an irregular basis. A live desktop wallpaper mode is available so users can put up their aquarium when they are not using any programs. There are also aquatic scenes that may be used as screensavers when the computer is on standby.

The 3D rendering of the fish, plants, and water makes for a realistic aquarium environment. This application makes use of advanced graphic effects that show light hitting the water, fish iridescence, swaying plants, and fluid simulation. As a 3D application, it has support for 3D monitors and glasses. There are also 4 types of soundscapes to choose from should the user want a relaxing sound to go with their aquarium scene.