Silver Key

INV Softworks (Shareware)

Silver Key by INV Softworks is designed to secure information being sent via the Internet to protect it from hackers and other elements that intercept Web traffic with malicious intent. With this application, only the intended recipient of the information can make sense of the information contained in the document. Its main functions are to encrypt and compress the files that will be sent via the Web. The program is designed to function across multi-user environments.

Since access to intermediary servers can be gained by skilled computer hackers, all the data passing through are at risk. Silver Key is s reputable utility that offers users different ways to send data securely. For instance, the encrypted message may be embedded in a photograph or image. The data may also be sent over as an attachment to a totally unrelated file. This application is HIPAA-compliant and designed based on specified privacy regulations. Users that need to incorporate encryption tools which are HIPAA-compliant may do so using simple operations.

The recipients of the encrypted file can decrypt the message using only Silver Key. The decryption process is simple and efficient. With a double click on the file received decryption starts as soon the password is provided. This self-extracting feature is one of the advantages offered by this program to users.