Silent Hunter V

Ubisoft (Proprietary)

Silent Hunter V, or Silent Hunter 5: Battle of the Atlantic is simulation game about submarines. Set during World War II, the player is the captain of one German-produced U-Boat during the famous Battle of the Atlantic. The Battle of the Atlantic, which happened from 1939 to 1945 is the longest war campaign during the Second World War. The player's task is to captain the U-Boat and battle the Allied forces during the war. It can be maneuvered in first-person view. This means, the player can view the game environment in the eyes of the U-Boat’s captain.

In Silent Hunter V, the player can explore the submarine while in first-person mode. While exploring the submarine, he can interact with various members of the crew. The crew members are tasked with specific jobs while on the submarine. The game has a fear and tension system. The player takes note of the crew's fear and tension. The crew can even recommend strategies to the player.

The game's dynamic feature allows the enemies to react accordingly whenever the player makes any changes to his pattern. During skirmishes, the enemy ships react simultaneously when the player's submarine advances. The enemies also react when going to new locations.

Silent Hunter V has a beginner mode. It can also connect to the Internet.