Silent Hunter IV

Ubisoft (Proprietary)

Silent Hunter IV: Wolves of the Pacific is a submarine-oriented combat simulation game developed by the company Ubisoft Romania. The game’s plot is set during World War II, and the player takes on the role of the skipper of an American submarine, which is located beneath the Pacific Ocean. The player’s main task involves managing a virtual submarine crew and helping them evolve into a powerful naval force. As the commander, the player has the ability to assign the crewmember to various stations in the submarine such as the periscope, deck gun, conning tower, and navigation chart among others. Since the player has full control of the tasks of each sailor, their roles and performance are optimized in every scenario.

A big chunk of the player’s activity in Silent Hunter IV: Wolves of the Pacific is exploring the Pacific Ocean and engaging in battle with enemy subs. Commendations and promotions can be earned by the player, depending on the outcome of the battles. There are various historical submarine types from which players can choose. The game also offers an adversarial mode in the multi-player mode, which requires one player to manage Japanese surface vessels and the rest of the other players handle submarines.