Silent Hunter III

Ubisoft (Shareware)

Silent Hunter III is a submarine simulation game that was first released in 2005. The game is set during World War II where players get to control a German U-Boat in the historical Battle of the Atlantic, which took place in 1939 to 1945. The player is given an area to patrol where the game engine generates task forces, convoys, and destroyers. Players have complete freedom over controlling the naval traffic.

The game features a 3D representation of the submarine. This enables the player to see and control the U-Boat from the interior. Another feature is the ability of the player to interact and see the crew members. This plays an integral part in the game as the experience and overall morale of each member is tracked. Aside from controlling naval traffic, players are also given ten missions that are based on historical events. Silent Hunter III allows the player to improve the different areas of the U-Boat including upgrading the sonar and radar, the weapons, and the batteries.

Other features of the game include the following:
• Multiplayer mode with cooperative and competitive modes
• Reward system where players can get medals of achievement
• Wide variety of U-Boats and weapons
• Realistic game environment
• Game tutorial through the Naval Academy