Silent Hill HomeComing

Konami (Proprietary)

Silent Hill: Homecoming is a single-player survival-horror video game developed by Double Helix Games. It was released in 2008. It is the sixth part of the Silent Hill series. In the game, the player takes the role of Alex Shepherd, the game’s protagonist. The game follows the story of Alex and his journey to find his brother that eventually leads him to Silent Hill. The story advances as the player find more clues (i.e. drawings, photographs and other items) by exploring various locales and environments in the game. Aside from the straightforward storyline, the game also features puzzles that also help the player advance in the game. Recovered items can be used to help solve these puzzles.

This installment is the first in the series that allows players to select responses during a dialogue with other characters. This feature affects how the story unfolds, which is why the game features five different endings depending on the player’s actions and responses. Aside from exploration, the gameplay also includes combat wherein Alex must fight different monsters that appear in the game. The player can perform heavy and light attacks or a combination of the two. Players can also perform finishing moves to make sure that the monsters are killed. Alex can use melee weapons, rifles, pistols and even shotguns to kill monsters.