Silent Hill 4: The Room

KONAMI TYO (Shareware)

Silent Hill 4: The Room is a survival horror video game first released in 2004. It is the fourth game in the Silent Hill series of games. The game is set in a fictional location called South Ashfield. The story revolves around Henry Townshend, a man in his late 20s who is mysteriously locked inside his own apartment. Players control Henry and must try to escape the apartment by going through different supernatural worlds.  

At the start of the game, players find themselves locked inside Henry’s apartment. Different locations in the game can be accessed when holes are opened in the apartment. Players are given limited items in the inventory. Several melee weapons can also be accessed, but there are only two firearms available. One of the differences of Silent Hill 4 from other Silent Hill games is the emphasis on combat. There are only a few puzzle-related tasks and more tasks on searching for needed items. Players make their way in the game alone, but eventually get help from a neighbor, Eileen.

Silent Hill 4: The Room offers players four different types of endings. The ending the player gets depend on the choices made throughout the game. The four possible endings are Escape, Mother, Eileen’s Death, and 21 Sacraments.