Silent Hill 3

Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo, Inc. (Proprietary)

Silent Hill 3 is a survival horror video game designed and released by Konami Entertainment in 2003. This game is the direct sequel to the first game and the third installment of videogames published by Konami under the Silent Hill Franchise. Silent Hill 3 incorporates elements of combat, exploration, and puzzle-solving in its game play. Players can do combat and exploration in third person view while puzzle solving is done in a first person point of view. Silent Hill 3’s game environment features low visibility due to fog in outdoor settings or total darkness when inside structures. This emphasizes the game’s horror aesthetic.

The story of Silent Hill 3 takes place seventeen years after the events in the first game. Players would get to control a character named Heather, a teenage girl who sets out to investigate her involvement with the cult of Silent Hill. The game features a variety of weapons and equipment in fighting enemies and completing objectives in the game environment. Players can use melee weapons and firearms that can be obtained from different areas and stages of the game. Players can also obtain various supporting equipment that is used to assist the player in the game. These items include health recovery items, beef jerky that is used to lure away monsters, a flashlight used to illuminate dark areas, and a radio device that emits static when a monster is near. Silent Hill 3 also features key items that are used to accomplish tasks in the game story. Key items can be obtained by solving the game’s puzzles.

Silent Hill 3 has three different endings depending on how the player responds to the in-game situations. These endings are the Canonical Normal ending, a Possessed (bad) ending, and a goofy UFO ending. The game also has three difficulty levels: Normal, Medium, and Hard difficulty.