Silca Key Programs for Windows

Silca S.p.A. (Proprietary)

The Silca Key Programs developed by Silca S.p.A. are a set of programs that have been developed to unlock the potential of Silca’s own line of key making and key cutting machines. These machines are extremely powerful and versatile key cutting machines. With the use of the Silka Key Programs in addition to the features on the already powerful Silka key cutting machines, the features afforded to the user are endless. The program features a regularly updated database of keys and key types and several other features that make it essential for those users of the Silca key cutters who wish to make the most out of their machine.

The program works and is integrated with all Silca key cutting machines, making compatibility with the hardware flawless and seamless. It holds an extremely large catalog of key types and a powerful integrated search engine that allows users to decode and create exact copies of very specific keys.  There is an archive that is unique to every customer, making it easier for the key cutter to track the certain key types that they have cut for a certain customer. The program can be customized to the preference of the user, making the key cutting process even more streamlined. Users may then save and restore data for backups and other emergency purposes.