Signature995 Application 11.1

Scott Rothstein/ pdf995 (Freeware)

Signature995 is an application that allows users to encrypt and decrypt various files like PDF documents (*.pdf), Microsoft Office (*.docx, *.xlsx, *.pptx), Zip archives (*.zip), and Ultrapdf documents (*updf). Encryption is a protection tool for computers wherein users encode the information they transmit into something they can understand and make sense of, but an unauthorized user or hacker will not have access to. Decryption, on the other hand, is the opposite of encryption. It makes use of native PDF encryption for communications through the Internet, as well as confidential documents, such as legal documents and financial transactions.

Signature995 has a simple and user-friendly user interface. It has tabs for Encryption, Decryption, Sign, Co-sign, Verify. There is a small section where the user can type the file location and filename of the file he needs to encrypt or he can simply use the browse button to search. Once the file has been specified, he can click on the Encrypt the Document button. He will be asked to provide a password and will be required to re-enter it for verification. The decryption process essentially follows the same procedure except that the user will be asked to provide the password once and will be using the Decryption tab. All documents encrypted using this software will only be decrypted using this software as well.