SightSpeed 6.0 Build 6088

SightSpeed Inc. (Shareware)

SightSpeed is a video-conferencing application developed by SightSpeed, Inc. This application provides voice calling and video conferencing services for computers. It can be used to make free pc-to-pc voice calls, video calls and make/receive calls to and/or from regular phones. The program offers three main functions – Video Calling, Free PC-to-PC voice Calling and Community Calling. The Video Calling function enables computers to turn into a video phone. It also features interoperability, which makes it possible to use the program between Mac and Windows computers. Users can also make video calls to non-SightSpeed members. The program also features Free and Pro services. The Free service offers unlimited video calling to one person while the Pro service plan offers additional features.

The program’s PC-to-PC voice calling function is free of charge. Like the video calling function, PC-to-PC call function is also interoperable with Macs and Windows. Connecting to non-SightSpeed members is also possible. All SightSpeed plans include unlimited PC-to-PC calls. Both the PC-to-PC call and voice calling function can be used worldwide without long-distance charges. This voice-conferencing program also features Community Calling, which enables users to make and receive calls with the new SightSpeed Community. Browsing public countries by language/residence/country is possible as well. This function also enables users to choose their own display name and offers parental controls to protect the access to the community.

Aside from these basic functions, the application can also be used to make and send video mail messages. Multi-Party video calls are also possible, which supports up to four individuals simultaneously.