Sid Meier's Pirates!

Firaxis Games (Proprietary)

Sid Meier's Pirates! is a single-player adventure/strategy game developed by Firaxis Games. It was first released on November 22, 2004. It is the remake of Sid Meier’s 1987 game with the same title. The game begins with a background story of how the hero and his family were enslaved by the Marquis de la Montalban due to unpaid debts. Ten years after that event, the hero is found in a bar where his journey as a pirate begins.

In this game, the player takes the role of the hero, a 17th century pirate. While at the bar, the player is provided with a set of options to define the character’s settings and an option to choose which nation the player will sail with initially (i.e. French, Dutch, English or Spanish). The player’s goal is to become the most feared and revered pirate in the world while the story evolves. The game is divided into multiple mini-games that require various skills. The player will also have to use the sailing map mode used for navigating around the Caribbean. The player has to possess skills like turn-based strategy, naval gunnery, sailing technique, fencing, evasion, strategic planning and dancing. These set of skills will help win the mini-games and eventually becoming the greatest pirate. Throughout the game, the player can obtain special crew members and items that also make the mini-games less difficult. The items and other resources acquired throughout the game can also be used to trade.