Sid Meier's Civilization V

Firaxis Games (Proprietary)

Civilization V is a video game developed by Firaxis Games and released in September 2010. Civilization V is the fifth installment of video games developed under the Civilization franchise. This video game features a 3D, turn-based strategy genre where players get to lead a civilization from the prehistoric era into the future. Turn-based strategy is subgenre of strategy video games where players take turns in performing actions with their units and structures. This is the opposite of real-time strategy games where players along with their opponents, perform unit and structure actions simultaneously. Civilization V includes the basic elements of strategy games. Players get to control military and civilian units that can be produced from specialized structures, produce food and gather resources, earn income by establishing trade and economics, research new technology, and wage war with opponents. In Civilization V, players focus on establishing, developing, and protecting cities and settlements. As players move up an era, they get to acquire new actions such as exploring the lands, establishing diplomatic relations, improving culture, and conquering countries and even planets.

Civilization V includes new gameplay mechanisms compared to its previous installments. The video game features a hexagonal grid as opposed to the tile grid of the previous games. In Civilization V, players are given a limited amount of movement points for each unit. Once the movement points are depleted, the selected unit must wait for the next turn to be able to move again. Methods of warfare also change as the civilization progresses. Older civilizations tend to focus on unit skirmishes, open field, as well as siege warfare. Modern and future civilizations tend to focus on technological superiority and long-range weaponry. Civilization V also features a unit called a “Great Person” that provides civilization bonus points to the player. These units are based on real life historical figures such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Augustus Caesar, Genghis Khan, etc.