Sib Icon Editor 5.14

SibCode (Shareware)

Sib Icon Editor is a utility that allows users to make icons for different uses. It is also possible to edit existing icons. The program comes with a set of tools for basic and advanced editing. Icons created with tis application can be exported in different file types including PNG, JPEG, BMP, ICNS, ICO, and ICPR. The program’s main interface consists of tools and buttons that are found on the upper and left portion of the main window. More tools can be accessed from the Tools menu.

The Sib Icon Editor utility has the following additional features:

• Supports creation of icons for different applications and phones, such as Windows Mobile, Android, Nokia, and iPhone.
• Has several effects including mirror, rotate, negative, shadow, roll, and many more
• Images can be applied to icons as long as they are in the supported graphic formats
• Icons for Mac can be converted to icons for Windows
• Support for creating buttons for websites

Users have different ways of changing the settings of the program under the Options window. There are seven different tabs, which are Creating, Editor, Dialogs, Hotkeys, Export, Import, and Tuning. Icons created with the application can be in standard or customized sizes.